Spend more time fishing and less time steering with Garmin’s TR-1 Gold Marine Autopilot. This unit offers worry-free remote steering and speed control to operators of small gasoline outboard motor boats up to 20 horsepower.

Experience Hands-Free Operation

The TR-1 Gold is the first – and so far, the only – true autopilot designed to offer remote steering and speed control for small gasoline outboard motors. These capabilities allow you to focus on other things, like trolling, fishing, scanning electronics or simply moving around the deck. The TR-1 Gold can also be easily set to hold position against wind, waves or heavy current, enabling hands-free operation of your boat even in the most difficult water conditions.

The Gold has a standard wired controller that can be panel-mounted near the outboard or used as a handheld portable remote. An optional wireless remote offers ultimate liberation with full remote steering and throttle control from anywhere on your boat.

Enjoy GPS Interface and NMEA Connectivity

The Gold’s ability to automate your boat’s turns and maneuvers gives you quite an advantage when fishing. It’s great for trolling. Press a button and a number of preset maneuvers can be selected, which is a useful feature when tracking fish that are swimming in certain patterns.

The Gold can interface with any Garmin GPS or NMEA 0183 compatible GPS system for ease of navigation to selected waypoints or routes. The ability to perform GPS-interfaced patterns and non-GPS patterns offers added safety as well.

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The TR-1 Gladiator: Flagship Autopilot

TR-1 puts safety first. TR-1’s patented Shadow Drive™ system gives the Captain the confidence that he is in full control of the boat at all times while in autopilot mode. There is never a need to put the autopilot into standby mode to gain control of the helm. The Shadow Drive sensor will automatically send a command to the course computer not to counteract hand steering. When you steer the boat on a new steady heading, release the helm and the autopilot will re-engage automatically.

The Shadow Drive™ will accommodate multiple helms, and is a standard feature.

The Gladiator is Reliable

No rudder feedback transducers to install:

Rudder feedback transducers are the weakest link with autopilots. This is a huge determination in the reliability of autopilots. TR-1 autopilots do not need rudder feedback transducers. This is now a thing of the past. The TR-1 Gladiator provides the right solution. TR-1 has perfected an autopilot without rudder feedback transducers. There are no transducers to constantly maintain or replace.

With patented mathematical algorithms and tachometry, the TR-1 Gladiator steers to maintain a constant magnetic heading. The TR-1 Gladiator forms a rudder rate command from a combination of the compass, gyro and engine tachometer inputs. The rudder rate is calculated and is sent to the pump controller 20 times a second assuring unsurpassed reliability and quicker response to wind, waves and current to keep you straight on course.

Waterproof components like the handheld/remote, deckmount switch and the Electronic Control Unit, with its filled electronic grade potting compound and its gold waterproof pico connectors make for a system sure to withstand the toughest saltwater environment.

The Gladiator is Accurate

The Gladiator responds instantaneously to the rotation of the boat. Unparalleled performance!

The Gladiators aviation engineering roots give you the most precise autopilot on the market today. The Gladiator is an autopilot that you can depend on. TR-1 precision, reliability, performance & features are unmatched by any other autopilot in the world.

Low Speed Autopilot: The only autopilot that works at trolling speeds as well as full throttle.

The Gladiator has flexibility and Multistation Operation

The Gladiator is capable of having three or more handhelds. This gives you the flexibility and convenience you need as you move from one station to another. The Gladiator is also capable of steering commands using the optional wireless remote, which gives you the freedom to move about the boat without being tethered to a cord.

The Gladiator is intelligent

Auto Tune: The Gladiator has an autotune feature for simplified setup, which is unique in the autopilot industry. Tunes itself automatically, or allows you the option to tune it yourself. This is a standard feature.

GPS Functions

The TR-1 Gladiator can interface with any GPS or chartplotter system and tie into your complete navigation format including Radar overlay. We stay on waypoints and connect to new ones automatically. The Gladiator will communicate with most marine devices via NMEA 0183. (NMEA (0183) 2 inputs, 1 output)

  • Course over ground: If you press and release the GPS button when the autopilot is in heading hold and the GPS does not have an active route, the pilot will maintain the GPS course over ground instead of the magnetic heading.
  • Steer to waypoint (s): If you press and release the GPS button when the autopilot is in heading hold and the GPS has an active route, the pilot will steer to the selected waypoint.

Installs on most any boat with Hydraulic steering: The Gladiator works with outboards, I/O’s, and diesels; whether it is a single, dual, Triple or more engine configuration, including Mercury Verado.

The Gladiator has only six main standard components for a complete system installation
System comes complete with installation and setup instructions, accessory pack, and basic fitting kit.
Compact components take up minimal space and make for a cleaner and easier installation

The Gladiator is safe

Man overboard maneuver (MOB). One press of the button! The TR-1 Gladiator performs the famous Williamson Maneuver, whether for safety or maneuvering back to your original position, the Gladiator will take you there, without the need of GPS interface.

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